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As most members are aware, CCI has been conducting classes run by Striders for Marathon training and Fitness for the past 2 years. Since the Mumbai Marathon is only 2 months away CCI encourages all members attempting the marathon to utilize this training facility.

And now for some exercise for the brain.

What is 10X10? The answer is obviously 100.

Now after the first 10 add days and after the second 10 add km and the answer changes to 100 km. in 10 days. Yes this is what our very own member Suketu Majithia who is all of 50+ attempted and achieved this month. Take a bow Suketu, we are proud of you.

 Suketu is part of the running group “CCI Striders” which are training themselves under the watchful eyes of the Striders trainers to run marathons. Sessions are held at 6 am on Mondays/Wednesdays and Saturdays on the Club lawns. Sundays are reserved for long distance road running.

 Members are encouraged to join this merry group to achieve higher levels of physical fitness even if they do not want to take part in marathons.

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