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The annually held Inter Department TT Tournament 2017, was held on March 31st, 1st and 2nd April was a stupendous success. Over 70 participants including many children, women and senior members played in a congenial and competitive spirit. 8 Departments fielded teams- Squash, Badminton, Tennis, Gym, Swimming, Cricket, Snooker and Combined Sports. CCI-TT did not field a team and instead, its top players captained each of the 8 Sports Departments. All the teams were evenly matched and the format designed so that 7 players from each department played. After 2 days and over 80 matches, the finals were played between Tennis led by Nakul Malhotra and Combined Sports led by Ameet Poojara. The Tennis Department was the winner of the Annual Inter Department TT 2017.

           The Annual Inter Club League 2017, held under the aegis of MCDTTA ( Maharashtra City District Table Tennis Association) has just commenced as this bulletin goes to press. CCI-TT has fielded 3 teams for this event. 

TEAM-A is represented by Mustafa Manager, Yash Doshi, Nekzaad Kerawalla and Akshay Sagane

TEAM-B is represented by Prakash Punjabi, Ameet Poojara, Sanjiv Makhija, Hoshang Vajifdar and Nakul Malhotra. 

TEAM-C has only Junior Boys all of whom are Under-12 years of age. Yashas Tody, Arman Dalamal, Aman Tejuja, Ruhan Agarawal, and Ahaan Hattangadi. This team has the youngest players among the 41 Inter Club teams in Mumbai City which will participate in this event. All The Best to all our 3 Teams!

“IT’S BACK.” The TT Sub Committee is happy to announce the Annual, fun-filled Members Handicap and Jumbled Doubles Tournament which will be held from 2nd to 4th June 2017. Entry forms can be filled up in any of the Sports Departments from 10th May and Entries will be accepted till 28th May 2017. Members and Children can also give their entries in the TT Room or at the CCI Administrative Office. Last year’s Handicap Tournament had over 80 participants and we look forward to welcoming many more participants this year.


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