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Anandji Dossa Reference Library

  • Open on request

Certainly CCI’s gift to cricket and originally, a priceless contribution to the Club by Mr. Anandji Dossa, one of India’s best known and most respected cricket statisticians. This is an absolute treasure trove for everything related to Indian and world cricket. Anandjibhai’s personal collection of paper clips and articles spanning an unbelievable seven decades finds the pride of place in this section of the club. There are hundreds of books written by famous cricket writers and cricketers themselves.

Its glass enclosure offers a breathtaking view of the hallowed turf which staged many a great encounter. The facility is free and open to all members of the club. On a very special basis, permissions are given to non-members such as media persons or people of related categories.

Location : 2nd Floor Club House


  • Opened on request