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Welcome to CCI Runners corner!

We are happy that Running has now been recognized as a full-fledged sport at CCI with its own independent Committee* with a vision to further promote and grow this international sport at our club.  Amongst us, we  have some outstanding Runners who have achieved some incredible milestones in pursuit of their personal running  goals, including many Podium finishers. We also have amongst us those who run as a stress buster and to keep themselves fit!

Onc of the challenges that we face as runners is that we don’t have a demarcated ‘place’ at the club to meet like many other sports such as tennis, badminton or swimming.  We are mostly road runners and hence difficult to catch runners who are always on the run!  We catchup in the wee hours of the morning, and while running on the road as we cross each other, we greet each other with a big smile and a “hi-five”!   At times no words- as we are in a rhythm- but our expression tells the story of the emotions we are going through.

Some call us the “running gypsies” as we go to different parts of the city to explore newer roads, hills, sceneries, air, flora, fauna, nature, wildlife, bird and most important, people of the area… we travel to different cities to different countries to different continents … all in pursuit of our passion of running!  In the process, we bond with our running buddies who become a part of our extended families. The bond is so strong that every birthday, every anniversary, every engagement, every new arrival is celebrated with full zest and energy!

Dear Runners, this is a platform for all of us current runners and future aspiring runners to connect with other runners and share our life experiences.  This is a space we will use to keep you updated about new upcoming events at the club so that we as a “Runners Fraternity” can bond further and learn from each other’s experiences.

This is just the beginning … with many miles to go, so please do be an active member of this group and give us your continuous feedback towards achieving our goal!

Happy running!

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