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1 Runners Symposium  

In a first ever, a Runners Symposium was held on Dec 7th  2019, which included three leading experts in the field.  The symposium served as preparatory advice to a house full audience before the upcoming Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020.

Kinita Kadakia Patel, Sports Nutritionist spoke on the importance of a balanced intake of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, hydration and the need for proper rest and recovery. She emphasized that the nutritional plan varies in the year based on the focus / target.   

Heath Matthews, Head of Sports Medicine at Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital spoke about the Human Movement Performance Pyramid where he emphasized on the need to have a strong base comprising strengthening the core, mobility, flexibility and stability training. The middle of the pyramid focusses on the building endurance, strength, speed, power and agility; and at the top of the pyramid, is the skill related to the sport.

Dr Aashish Contractor, Director of Sports Medicine and Rehab Medicine at Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital spoke about the truths and myths of whether too much running can be bad for the heart. Dispelling the fear based on statistics, he talked about the various causes of sudden death and what are the precautions that one should take. Aashish is a CCI member, an experienced runner and iron man!

2 CCI -Striders 10K Run

Striders India’s largest Fitness Company in collaboration with The Cricket Club of India, organized a 10K run in support of the environment and launched their leaf green Unique T-Shirt dedicated to the runners with a special message, ’We ARE ODD”.  This year saw the participation of about 800 trainees from 23 centres across Mumbai who assembled at Cricket Club of India’s East Lawns in their new T-shirts. It was an electrifying morning as all the people came in their Greens by 5.43 am and danced to a Zumba warm up. The run was flagged off by the Chief Guest N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons who is a seasoned runner, together with Premal Udani, President of the Cricket Club of India. As the Runners left the stadium gates, an expanse of Marine Drive was filled with droves of green shirts at the break of dawn, a picture never seen before.

Commenting on the Event, Mr. Premal Udani, President of the Cricket Club of India said,, “It’s very encouraging to see so many people charged up and ready to go in the early hours of the morning. At CCI, we have over 150 serious runners and this sport is picking up. Striders as one of our partners, is training a sizable number of these runners who are getting ready for marathons or just training for better fitness and health.

2 Ahmedabad Adani Marathon  and  Goa River Marthon

The Ahmedabad Adani Marathon was held on 24th  November where nearly 20,000  participants took part in the race. From CCI, we had Rajesh Shah and Roopali Mehta who participated in the full 42K marathon. Roopali finished in a record 3.38 minutes to win the 1st  rank podium in her category whereas Rajesh  finished in 4.23.55 with a 10th  position for his age category.  

The 10th Edition of the Goa River Marathon was held on 17th November 2019. This year more than 1000 participants ran up the ghats. Our member, Prashant Nagarkar, completed the 21K race  in 1:57 with a 11th rank in the veteran men’s category

February 8th  2020. Annual Sports Day – Back to School!

On your marks, get set go!  The first ever Annual Sports day for CCI! There will be events for all members above 18 to participate  - short distance races, relay races, tug of war and fun events for Seniors!  The event will end with music, food and drinks, so be ready for an evening and night full of excitement like never before! Bring your families and children to cheer for you as you re-live your school days! Make sure that you block the date right away and stay tuned!

5 Running Training Program enrollment – hurry to avail of the  early bird discount!

The new season of the Running and Fitness program conducted by Striders commences from 1st  February 2020 and enrollments will open from 15th  January onwards and those who register on or before Jan 31st  can avail of the early bird discount to be announced soon! This program is an overall fitness program which helps you build your core, strengthens your muscles and also prepares you for long runs. Training is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6.00 am at the club. Sundays are longer runs as per the program.  Members are invited to come for a one week trial to experience the fitness and health benefits!  For information, please contact Sachin Mahadik, Asst Sports Manager on +919820783412.

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Welcome to CCI Runners corner!


We are happy that Running has now been recognized as a full-fledged sport at CCI with its own independent Committee* with a vision to further promote and grow this international sport at our club.  Amongst us, we  have some outstanding Runners who have achieved some incredible milestones in pursuit of their personal running  goals, including many Podium finishers. We also have amongst us those who run as a stress buster and to keep themselves fit!

Onc of the challenges that we face as runners is that we don’t have a demarcated ‘place’ at the club to meet like many other sports such as tennis, badminton or swimming.  We are mostly road runners and hence difficult to catch runners who are always on the run!  We catchup in the wee hours of the morning, and while running on the road as we cross each other, we greet each other with a big smile and a “hi-five”!   At times no words- as we are in a rhythm- but our expression tells the story of the emotions we are going through.

Some call us the “running gypsies” as we go to different parts of the city to explore newer roads, hills, sceneries, air, flora, fauna, nature, wildlife, bird and most important, people of the area… we travel to different cities to different countries to different continents … all in pursuit of our passion of running!  In the process, we bond with our running buddies who become a part of our extended families. The bond is so strong that every birthday, every anniversary, every engagement, every new arrival is celebrated with full zest and energy!

Dear Runners, this is a platform for all of us current runners and future aspiring runners to connect with other runners and share our life experiences.  This is a space we will use to keep you updated about new upcoming events at the club so that we as a “Runners Fraternity” can bond further and learn from each other’s experiences.

This is just the beginning … with many miles to go, so please do be an active member of this group and give us your continuous feedback towards achieving our goal!

Happy running!


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