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  • 2 nd to 24th Dec 2017, saw the Second CCI JUNIORS PRIZE MONEY TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT 2017, held under the aegis of the MCDTTA (Mumbai City District Table Tennis Association).
  •  This is the second year that CCI has held this one of its kind tournament, at the CCI Table Tennis Room. This is the only Prize money Tournament held for Juniors in the entire Table Tennis Circuit.
  •  This time players from suburban districts were also included which made the level of competition and play even higher.
  • 8 of the TOP Cadet, Sub Junior and Junior Boys and Girls played in a league format. The matches were watched by many of the regular members and dependents who got a chance to see the future of Mumbai Table Tennis players in action. 
  • All participating players along with their coaches, parents, appreciated the format, the overall playing arena and the way in which the entire tournament was conducted. 
  • Yashas Todi and Armaan Dalamal who are dependent members of CCI, played in the Cadet boys and played very well. 
  • The Prize distribution was attended by President Kekoo Nicholson and other EC members. In his speech, the President  mentioned the growing popularity of TT at CCI and assured the EC support to further CCI TT in anyway possible.

January 2018 will see many friendly matches between CCI and other Clubs. Meanwhile the TT room continues to be busy with members and dependents playing every day.


Daily: Rs. 30 /-

Monthly: Rs. 300 /-

Other: Rs. 30 /- (30 MINUTES)


Daily: Rs. 10 /-

Monthly: Rs. 100 /-

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